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Beware false claims in trans debate


NO-ONE has ever claimed that women cannot have vaginas – what a ridiculous headline to use (“It now seems that women are allowed to have vaginas after all”, Iain Macwhirter, June 13). The same goes for Mr Macwhirter’s claim that the right to believe sex is clear and immutable from birth is banned. What is objected to is false claims such as these about the move to modernise Scotland’s approach to recognitio­n of trans rights along with discrimina­tory and marginalis­ing behaviour used to create a toxic, hostile atmosphere.

If some people insist that women can be reduced to their anatomy then of course they are entitled to hold what is in my opinion a deeply misogynist­ic view, a view shared with right-wing politician­s opposed to women’s rights. Brian Dempsey, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Dundee.

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