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Godfather of Harlem (StarzPlay, from Sun) The 1960s-set first series of this prequel to the 2007 movie American Gangster went down a storm with viewers and critics alike. Forest Whitaker takes the lead role of Bumpy Johnson, a notorious crime boss who, after being released from jail, makes it his number one priority to take over Harlem’s streets from the Italian mob. As with so many programmes, filming of the second season was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictio­ns, but it’s here at last. This time, the action takes place against the backdrop of political upheaval in the US as President Lyndon Johnson attempts to pass the Civil Rights Act. In Harlem, residents face police brutality on a daily basis, while Bumpy tries to take control of a local drug supply.

Hollywood Bulldogs (BritBox, from Thu)

In 1982, Colin Welland cried “the British are coming” after winning an Oscar for his Chariots of Fire screenplay. This documentar­y reveals they were already well establishe­d in Hollywood, but not necessaril­y given top billing. Here an array of bouncers, demobbed soldiers and gangsters recount their experience­s and memories, telling the story of how a small group of British stunt performers came to dominate Tinseltown as profession­al and skilled stunt performers during the 1970s and 1980s. From their perhaps shady origins, a legitimate profession was born, between them racking up appearance­s in moneyspinn­ing global hits such as the James Bond, Indiana Jones, Superman, Rambo, Star Wars, and Alien films.

Central Park (Apple TV+, from Fri)

The Emmy Awardnomin­ated animated musical comedy has recently been recommissi­oned for a third series, but for now, which is good news for those who have been eagerly awaiting the second run. This time, the Tillerman family continue their efforts to keep the famous park in tip top condition, but it won’t be easy as Molly experience­s the trials and tribulatio­ns of adolescenc­e, an embarrassi­ng moment at school torments Cole and Paige continues to chase a story about the Mayor’s alleged corruption. With all that going on, Owen may struggle to keep a smile on his face, particular­ly with Bitsy continuall­y trying to get her hands on the park. Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr and Kristen Bell are among the vocal cast.

Bosch (Amazon Prime, from Fri)

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t stop us having a heavy heart about being forced to say farewell to Harry Bosch, one of the greatest-ever cops to grace the small screen. He was created by author Michael Connelly; his novels The Concrete Blonde and The Burning Room provide the basis for this seventh season. This time, Harry and sidekick Jerry Edgar join forces for the final time. They will be tackling two tricky cases – one involves tracking down a serial killer known as The Dealmaker, while the other focuses on the murder of a mariachi performer. Titus Welliver once again takes the title role, with more than able support from Jamie Hector. A spin-off focusing on Harry’s daughter Madeline is now in the pipeline.

 ??  ?? Forest Whitaker in Godfather of Harlem
Forest Whitaker in Godfather of Harlem

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