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Quick Quiz


1 Who are the only three men to play for, and manage, Hearts in a Scottish Cup final?

2 Who is the only man to have managed three British clubs in the Champions League?

3 Which three English clubs has Scotland midfielder John Fleck played for?

4 Which two players won all six League Cup winners’ medals achieved by Manchester City since 2014?

5 Who are the only two brothers to have captained the Scotland internatio­nal team?

6 Which two Scots played for Tottenham Hotspur when they

became the first British club to win a European trophy (the European Cup-Winners’ Cup) in 1963?

7 In the last two seasons which three Portuguese clubs have Rangers played in European football?

8 Who was the first person to score a goal for Scotland in

a European Championsh­ips finals?

9 Who holds the record for being the oldest top scorer for a season in the English Premier League?

10 Which country is the current Olympic men’s football champions after their triumph in 2016?

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