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25 YEARS AGO Mr James Holburn, distinguis­hed foreign correspond­ent and former editor of the Glasgow Herald, has died in a Dundee nursing home, he was 87. Mr Holburn who edited the Herald between 1955 and 1965, was responsibl­e for putting news on the paper’s front page for the first time in 1958. He also took an uncompromi­sing stance in the takeover battle for the Herald in 1964 which saw Sir Hugh Fraser, later Lord Fraser, and Roy Thomson, later Lord Thomson of Fleet, battle for control of Outram, the publishers. In a leading article at the height of the struggle he deplored the unseemly spectacle of a great newspaper being haggled over in the market place “like a beast in a cattle ring.” Just four months after Sir Hugh won the battle Mr Holburn resigned. 50 YEARS AGO The building of a township the size of Galashiels on a reclaimed area of the Sighthill “soda wastes” in the Springburn area of Glasgow is soon to be started by Crudens, Ltd., building contractor­s. The firm, who were authorised by the corporatio­n housing committee two years ago to go ahead with plans for the reclamatio­n of the area, had these approved yesterday by the planning committee. It is proposed to build 2890 houses, a shopping centre, community centre, three primary , and three nursery schools, covered garaging for 740 cars, open parking for 400 cars, and the possible future garaging of 1000 cars. Crudens have described the scheme as “a tremendous architectu­ral and engineerin­g challenge.” Until they carried out their investigat­ions, the “soda wastes” were regarded as unsuitable for houses. Aneyesore for many years with stagnant ponds and derelict buildings, the area was at one time used as a dump for chemical waste. 100 YEARS AGO Simple household drugs furnish the best means of permanentl­y destroying the roots of superfluou­s hair. For this purpose smart women use a simple lotion consisting merely of one half ounce spirits of camphor and two ounces peroxide of hydrogen. Pour out about half a teaspoonfu­l, to which add a few drops of ammonia. First, however, the superfluou­s hair must be removed by applying pure powdered pheminol directly to it. This immediatel­y exposes and weakens the hair roots. The camphor lotion is then applied daily in the manner described until the damaged roots are entirely killed. When thus used, in combinatio­n, these four drugs seem to react upon each other in such a way as not only to remove the hair instantly, but to permanentl­y destroy the roots. 150 YEARS AGO University of Glasgow-Marriage of the Prince of Wales-A public meeting of the students was held yesterday, in the Greek Class-room, for the purpose of taking into considerat­ion the manner in which they might best display their loyalty on the marriage day-Mr. Lang in the chair. It was moved by Mr. Russel that each student should be provided with a lighted torch, and march in procession from the University, through the principal streets in the city, to the West End Park. The motion was seconded by Mr.Horne, and unanimousl­y agreed to. A committee was appointed to carry out the necessary arrangemen­ts

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