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Trump golf course damaging environmen­t, claims RSPB

Supermarke­ts to cut petrol prices today


DONALD Trump’s controvers­ial Scottish golf course has been criticised in a new report by the RSPB for damaging the environmen­t.

The wildlife charity’s State of the Nature report, launched by naturalist and TV presenter Sir David Attenborou­gh, singled out Trump Internatio­nal Golf Links at the Menie Estae, Aberdeensh­ire, for harming nature in the area.

The developmen­t has been criticised for its impact on the Foveran Links, a local Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Aedán Smith, head of planning and developmen­t at the RSPB, said the area was one of very few specialist environmen­ts north of the Border for scientific research.

The report, written by 25 wildlife organisati­ons found 60% of species studied, declined over recent decades and one in 10 species is under threat of disappeari­ng from our shores.

It said: “Sand dunes and shingle areas have little value for agricultur­e, but are prime sites f or tourist developmen­ts.

“Such developmen­ts often result in the loss of rare i nver t e bra t e s, lichens and the rich orchid population­s of wet sun slacks.

“What wil dl i f e does survive is often left marooned on dune islands in a sea of developmen­t. Building work also interferes with the dynamics of dune systems.”

The Trump Internatio­nal c o urse near Balmedie was singled out in the report, because part of it was built on the Foveran Links SSSI.

The report said: “In recent years, damaging developmen­ts have been given the green light at Sovereign Harbour in East Sussex, Foveran Links SSSI Aberdeensh­ire and Carlyon Bay in Cornwall.”

Trump’s executive vicepresid­ent, George Sorial, said: “To date we are the only ones that have studied, preserved and actively managed that site, threatened by years of shooting birds, erosion and ongoing urban pressure.

“The dunes have now been preserved for generation­s to enjoy with 95% of the SSSI untouched.

“The RSPB should spend some time studying the facts and should actually visit the site before publishing such nonsense and fiction.” MOTORISTS who have seen pump prices creep up lately have received some cheer after supermarke­ts announced fuel price cuts.

First Asda announced it was reducing the cost of petrol and diesel by 2p a litre from today and then Sainsbury’s followed suit.

Later, a third supermarke­t, Morrisons, joined in, saying it would also be cutting its fuel by up to 2p a litre from today.

AA president Edmund King said: “Drivers will welcome the latest fuel price reductions at the petrol pumps.

“The prices of petrol and diesel both crept up around 1p a litre last month.

“Our June fuel price report revealed retailers had on average this year been charging at least a 1p per litre extra on diesel.

“He n c e we believe all retailers should look to cut fuel prices to reflect the market price at the pumps.”

 ??  ?? DONALD TRUMP: Company says dunes now preserved.
DONALD TRUMP: Company says dunes now preserved.

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