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Grenfell victim died after going to wake his daughter


A LONG-TIME resident of Grenfell Tower died after going into the burning block to wake his daughter, an inquiry has heard.

Steve Power, 63, died with his dogs wrapped around him after being advised to stay put in his 15th floor flat, his daughter said.

He was remembered as a keen fisherman and dance music DJ, whose boisterous style behind the decks meant he came across like a “West Indies man trapped in an Irish man’s body”, Sherrie Power said.

A resident of Grenfell Tower for 32 years, father-offive Mr Power’s best friends were his three staffies. They died together on the night of June 14.

Sherrie told the hearing: “Our dad lived in that block for so long that he would have experience­d more than one fire there. I don’t know if that was why he was reluctant to leave that night and unfortunat­ely we will never know.

“I do know that my dad wasn’t in the tower when the fire started, but he came back to wake me up out of my sleep.

“Some of the news reports state that my dad didn’t want to leave because of his dogs, but this is not true.”

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