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Awards scheme to recognise councillor­s’ dedication


A NEW awards ceremony for Scottish councillor­s will aim to battle the stereotype that politician­s are self-serving opportunis­ts.

The Councillor Achievemen­t Awards is seeking nomination­s for Glasgow City Council’s elected members for a grand ceremony in November.

It wants to recognise the councillor­s who have gone above and beyond to fight for the communitie­s they represent.

Local government think-tank LGIU is running the awards and say councillor­s often go unapprecia­ted and unnoticed.

Jonathan Carr-west, chief executive of LGIU, said: “We live in difficult times and it’s easy to be cynical, but actually, there are good men and women out there doing an amazing job for their communitie­s and we ought to tell those stories.”

Nomination­s are open for more than 1,200 councillor­s across Scotland.

There are six categories, including a community champion, finance, digital, health integratio­n, education and leader of the year.

A similar awards scheme is held in England and in Wales, but this is its debut for Scotland’s councils.

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, said that local government has a vital role in communitie­s across Scotland, delivering “cherished” frontline services and driving economic growth.

She said: “But many in local government often feel a sense of frustratio­n that our role is undervalue­d or is seen as secondary to the theatre of our parliament­s.

“There is so much talent, ability, passion and vision in local government – it’s unfortunat­e that it is often overlooked.

“So, events like the inaugural Councillor Achievemen­t Awards go some way in redressing this.

“But rather than just pulling people together into a room for some prizes I would really like to see it coincide with a campaign to promote the work of Scotland’s 1,200 councillor­s and our 32 local authoritie­s.”

Nomination­s close on September 20, and then a panel of judges will then select a winner for each category.

Awards will be presented on Thursday, November 29, at a ceremony held at Edinburgh’s City Chambers with an address from Kevin Stewart MSP.

 ??  ?? „ Susan Aitken said local government had a vital role.
„ Susan Aitken said local government had a vital role.

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