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- Sir Graham Brady The House Advisory Board Chair

Since our last issue, the situation in Ukraine has, sadly, only worsened. At the time of writing, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said there is “very strong evidence” that Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, after civilians in Mariupol appear to have been targeted with Russian bombs.

In one of several pieces about the conflict, we speak to Captain Dmytro Donskoi, Ukraine’s defence attaché in the UK. He offers the chilling warning that if Russia manages to take over Ukraine Putin will not stop there and will have his eyes fixed elsewhere in eastern Europe.

In another piece Lord Alton offers his thoughts on what more the UK can do to help the people of Ukraine. We have further insight and analysis from John Whittingda­le, Lord Browne, and more.

Despite the horrific events in Europe, politics in the UK must go on. In a rare joint interview, Speakers Lord McFall and Sir Lindsay Hoyle tell the magazine about their close working relationsh­ip.

This week we take as our policy focus infrastruc­ture, and our lead interview is with shadow housing minister Matthew Pennycook, who calls on the government to convert its tough talk on the housing crisis into action.

And in the wake of the government’s Levelling Up white paper, experts in the field Polly Mackenzie, Lord Heseltine and Will Tanner describe how what began as a soundbite can become a proper vehicle for socioecono­mic change.

All this and more in your House magazine.

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