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Summertime has arrived in SW1 and the ensuing smiles and sunshine have Mrs C feeling utterly radiant. Bursting blue skies and balmy weather means it’s Terrace time all the time on the estate, bringing more wonderful opportunit­ies for Mrs C’s minions to feed her craving for juicy tidbits. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been eating up in the sunshine…

With June well under way, Mrs C wholeheart­edly endorses the disappeara­nce of SW1 inhabitant­s to let loose. Ok, maybe not in the substance-fueled way some high-ups did last year, but dancing to bangers with beers in the park is very much encouraged. So Mrs C was delighted to see a senior married MP get her groove on at a musical festival with her rumored side piece. Legal fun in the sun is always encouraged.

Mrs C was delighted to step away from the estate to celebrate the free press at the Paul Foot Awards. Lord Gnome’s event was as bibulous as ever; and remarkably well-populated. Among those spotted were David Davis MP and chief Arron Banks tormentor Carole Cadwalladr. As Private Eye editor Ian Hislop put it: “There’s a huge audience here, at least 200 people: Piers Morgan would kill for that.”

Mrs C adores watching parliament­arians scramble to keep up with the kids. Whether it’s pop culture references that just don’t land (Sir Keith’s PMQs Love Island gag was decidedly not my type) or partaking in yoof social trends (please stop Shappsy), Mrs C finds it fabulously endearing, while simultaneo­usly excruciati­ng. But which TikToking MP has got colleagues grumbling about their constant use of Gen Z’s go-to social from Parliament? “We’re constantly warned about taking pictures here for security reasons and now they’re filming clips willy-nilly all around the Palace,” my source sniffs…

Finally, Mrs C sends her heartfelt congrats to the JCR president of her own alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford, who like our dear Tory king survived a vote of no confidence in their leadership on June 6. Mrs C couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that at 41-59 per cent the vote share was all but identical.

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