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Chris Maume presents his weekly general knowledge quiz


1. Who are the above, and what’s the link?

2. On this day in 539BC, the army of Cyrus the Great invaded which city, bringing an end to the empire named after it?

3. How many tweets did Donald Trump send in September? a) 81 b) 801 c) 80,001 4. In 2001, the following letter was sent to Sir Tom Stoppard: “Dear Tom, Thank you for your invitation to

host a fundraisin­g dinner in the private room of a top London restaurant. I would rather die. All the best…” Which playwright sent the letter?

5. As of this week, which planet in the solar system has the most moons?

6. Which people have been described (by The Independen­t, among others) as the world’s largest nation without a state?

7. What honour links the deceased racing drivers Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez, Gilles Villeneuve and Jose Carlos Pace (and the pastis magnate Paul Ricard)?

8. The three biggest wine-producing countries in 2018 were Italy, France and Spain. What were the next three countries, all from outside Europe?

9. Which actor completes this list? Peter Burton, Desmond Llewellyn, John Cleese (plus Geoffrey Bayldon and Alec McCowen) and …

10. When convicted murderer Momolu Stewart was released from jail in Washington DC this week, how did he become linked with Terrence Byrd, Alice Marie Johnson, Jamelle Carraway, Eric Balcom and more than a dozen others?

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