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Ocado calls for HGV drivers to be added to skilled shortage list


Ocado has become the latest supermarke­t to call on the government to add HGV drivers to the skilled shortage list to fill the vacancies hitting supply chains across the country. The online grocer’s finance chief Niall McBride was asked if he agreed with Morrison’s chief executive David Potts, who called for the change, and replied: “I do, yes.” Ocado chair and cofounder Tim Steiner added: “Making it easier is the right answer ... it’s important to be able to get more people through the process. What is clear is that there is a shortage and it seems to have been significan­tly exacerbate­d by the lack of testing that went on while testing facilities were closed or restricted during the Covid period.” The government previously considered adding HGV drivers to its list of skilled workers to fill the gaps, but the idea was scrapped.

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