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Williamson’s letter in full

Former minister vows to ‘clear name of any wrongdoing’


Sir Gavin Williamson has quit the cabinet after conceding that allegation­s of bullying had become a “distractio­n” for Rishi Sunak’s government.

The former minister said he had decided to “step back” while the complaints process was carried out, but vowed to clear his name “of any wrongdoing”.

The decision to resign follows allegation­s he sent abusive messages to former chief whip Wendy Morton complainin­g about being refused an invitation to the Queen’s funeral, claims he bullied a former official at the Ministry of Defence and an accusation of “unethical and immoral” behaviour while he was chief whip.

Sir Gavin Williamson’s resignatio­n letter in full:

“As you know there is an ongoing complaints process concerning text messages I sent to a colleague. I am complying with this process and have apologised to the recipient for those messages.

“Since then, there have been other allegation­s made about my past conduct. I refute the characteri­sation of these claims but I recognise these are becoming a distractio­n for the good work this government is doing for the British people.

“I have therefore decided to step back from government so that I can comply fully with the complaints process that is under way and clear my name of any wrongdoing.

“It is with real sadness that I tender my resignatio­n, but I want to take this opportunit­y to offer my full and total support from the backbenche­s. I am incredibly proud to have worked with you in government over the last few years and during the campaign.”

Mr Sunak replied that he accepted Sir Gavin’s resignatio­n “with great sadness”, adding: “I would like to thank you for your personal support and loyalty.”

Rishi Sunak’s acceptance letter in full:

“Thank you for your resignatio­n letter. It is with great sadness that I accept your resignatio­n. I know your commitment to successive Conservati­ve government­s and the party over the years has been unwavering. I support your decision to step back and understand why you have taken it.

“I would like to thank you for your personal support and loyalty. I know you will continue to represent your constituen­ts with diligence and care. I also want to express my gratitude for the work you have done for this government.”

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 ?? (James Veysey/Shuttersto­ck) ?? Gavin Williamson stands accused of ‘unethical and immoral’ behaviour
(James Veysey/Shuttersto­ck) Gavin Williamson stands accused of ‘unethical and immoral’ behaviour

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