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Why is Johnson at Cop27?

- Tim Sidaway Hertfordsh­ire

Who on earth let Boris Johnson attend Cop27 to speak on Britain’s behalf? He speaks for no one but himself. He certainly does not speak for this country. He and the Tory party have made Britain a laughing stock and brought our country to its knees. Twelve years of misrule has reduced our standard of living, our NHS and care organisati­ons are falling apart and Tory MPs simply don’t give a toss.

Johnson ought to find a hole in which to hide in shame. His actions while PM were reprehensi­ble, but indicative of the party he led. He brought the already low esteem in which the public held MPs to an even lower level, and now MPs have a hard time trying to improve their standing.

Keith Poole Basingstok­e

It says a lot about this government, when they prevent the King from attending Cop27 but are too scared to stop Boris “it’s all about me” Johnson from going.

Ken Twiss Yarm, Yorkshire

It’s alright for them

It is all very well for the super-rich Rishi Sunak to pledge a tripling of British contributi­ons for climate reparation from the hard-up UK. Predictabl­y, Nicola Sturgeon weighed in with a wad from Scotland.

Unfortunat­ely, this will largely fall on the shoulders of PAYEs and pensioners, not those with streetwise accountant­s, who can offset their taxes. Plus, the Scottish generosity is foisted on the English via Barnett formula payments. These MPs seem intent on boosting their popularity at the expense of us all. They must accept that climate change is a worldwide phenomenon, not just a British one.

Jim Sokol Minehead

Bullying allegation­s

I would echo the sentiments of Catherine Levett in yesterday’s Letters. Perhaps Gavin Williamson would have thought twice about sending vile and disgusting texts to a male chief whip. To think this despicable individual was education secretary previously... He appears to require a lesson in decent behaviour, and if he were my son, who is the same age as Williamson, he would certainly get one from me. I would be very disappoint­ed in myself if I had failed to instil better values and respect in a child of mine.

His knighthood should be removed with immediate effect, no ifs, no buts. He is an insult to those knights who have actually done something to deserve their honours. There is just no excuse for Williamson’s actions. I am most unhappy with those in his party and the PM for not sacking him.

C Younis Buckingham­shire

Brexit analysis

I remember the unheeded calls after the referendum for a costbenefi­t analysis of Brexit. I also remember then the majority of economists, business leaders and commentato­rs declaring it to be a bad idea. The debate obviously rages on. So let’s try again to get essential and common business practices applied to Brexit. If the government is so adamant that it was and is a

success, they should have no problem about commission­ing an independen­t audit of the outcomes.

I suggest that the Office for Budget Responsibi­lity should carry it out, as an agency acceptable to all but the most kamikaze chancellor­s. The audit should look at the economic outcomes but also the promised deliverabl­es – such as “take back control” and the message on the bus. And it should make recommenda­tions for addressing any deficienci­es.

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