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Remains of missing baby found in wooded area near location of Constance Marten and her partner`s arrest in Brighton


An extraordin­ary war of words has erupted over events at the centre of government during the Covid pandemic after more than 100,000 of Matt Hancock’s WhatsApp texts were leaked. As he fought for his political reputation, the health secretary claimed through a spokespers­on the messages had been “doctored” and “spun to fit an antilockdo­wn agenda”. It was “flat wrong” to say Mr Hancock had rejected advice to test all residents going into care homes, the spokespers­on added. The government was also accused of hiding behind the official Covid inquiry after it stonewalle­d questions over the delivery of a Covid test to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s home despite a shortage. Prime minister Rishi Sunak is now under pressure to fast-track the inquiry in order to provide answers to questions raised by the leak, which also suggested that English schoolchil­dren had to wear masks because ministers did not want a row with Nicola Sturgeon, that Boris Johnson was privately dismissive of his own government’s shielding policy, and George Osborne warned Mr Hancock: “No one thinks testing is going well Matt.”

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