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Conservati­ves put the NHS in A&E


After reading The Independen­t’s story on A&E delays, I have lost all faith in our prime minister Rishi Sunak. A multi-millionair­e who uses private medical care couldn’t possibly understand the importance of our NHS. Moreover, his government has been starving the NHS of vital funds for years, to purposeful­ly drive people to private health care.

Private medical care is not about saving lives like the NHS but about making profits. Sunak continues to ignore NHS staff demands for fair pay and acceptable working conditions, leaving them with no other option but to take strike action or leave the NHS entirely.

A recent example of the government’s callous attitude is when the health secretary refused to turn up to a meeting with junior doctors to negotiate pay. With 1,000 excess deaths a week, 12 years of Tory austerity has clearly led the NHS to collapse. Without any doubt, this is a crisis caused by the Conservati­ves.

Tens of thousands of people are dying because of this government.

Jeannette Schael Tadley, Hampshire

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