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1394: Prince Henry the Navigator, who sponsored Portugal’s voyages of discovery, was born in Oporto.

1678: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, composer and violinist, best known for The Four Seasons (1725), was born in Venice.

1789: The first Congress of the United States was held in New York.

1824: The Royal National Lifeboat Institutio­n was founded.

1890: The 1,710ft Forth Bridge was officially opened by the Prince of Wales.

1924: “Happy Birthday To You” was published by Clayton F Summy.

1941: British forces, assisted by local Norwegians, raided the German-occupied Lofoten Islands, destroying 11 ships.

1967: North Sea gas was first piped ashore near Durham.

1969: At the Old Bailey, gangland twins Ronald and Reginald Kray were found guilty of murder and given life sentences.

1974: After the General Election, Edward Heath failed to persuade the Liberals to join a coalition and resigned. Harold Wilson became Prime Minister of a minority administra­tion, which lasted for eight months until fresh elections secured a Labour majority.

1980: Robert Mugabe became the prime minister of Zimbabwe, winning 57 of the 80 black seats in the 100-member Assembly.

1989: Six people were killed in a rail crash in Purley, Surrey.

On this day last year: A hospital began piloting technology using artificial intelligen­ce and advanced imaging to improve early diagnosis of cervical cancer.


Adrian Lyne, film director, 82; Shakin’ Stevens, singer/songwriter, 75; James Ellroy, novelist, 75; Kenny Dalglish, former football manager, 72; Chris Rea, rock musician, 72; Tim Vine, comedian, 56; Evan Dando, rock singer, 56; Patsy Kensit, actor, 55;

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 ?? (Getty) ?? Composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678
(Getty) Composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678
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