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So why are you funding courses for top executives on £100,000 a year?

Revealed: How £100m of taxpayers' money is going towards MBAs for highflyers while the young miss out


Millions of pounds in taxpayers’ money is being used to part-fund university courses for executives earning more than £100,000 a year, The Independen­t can reveal. The spending is happening despite government attempts to end such use of the apprentice­ship levy two years ago. Industry bosses, think tanks and politician­s say subsidisin­g executive MBAs is not what the levy was meant to achieve, and warn that the scheme introduced by David Cameron in 2017 is failing and urgently needs reform. An estimated £100m of the apprentice­ship levy has been used to subsidise top earners getting their executive MBAs. Ken Murphy, Tesco CEO, said: “It is clear the apprentice­ship levy is not working ... with entry-level [apprentice­s] missing out”. Labour said: “Apprentice­ship starts are now in freefall under the Conservati­ves.”

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