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The Tories should ditch the idea that Johnson is an asset


It is astonishin­g how Johnson’s time as an MP and PM has caused so many good and foolish men and women to suffer from his woeful mismanagem­ent, mendacity and stupidity.

Take, for instance, Heaton-Harris in his latest outpouring on behalf of Johnson which illustrate­s just how besotted the Tories are with their ex-PM. Heaton-Harris, as reported in The Independen­t (News, yesterday), said of Johnson that he is an “honest man” and a “wise man” which are obviously two statements that cannot be leveled at Boris Johnson (or indeed the majority of the Tory party). It is absolute nonsense. The Tories have to rid themselves of the belief that Johnson is still an asset. He is only an asset to the Labour Party. For the Tories, he would only speed their imminent demise.

Many Tory MPs are leaving the sinking ship for pastures new with donors and voters both openly changing their allegiance. It illustrate­s just how out of touch with the electorate the Tory party has become. The infighting and lack of cohesion in the party confirm a loss of unity and leadership. When the election finally comes the polls will be a true indication of how the country perceives the Tories as a future government.

Keith Poolen Basingstok­e

How typical of Boris Johnson to cry “lies” around Partygate just because Sue Gray has got a new job. As will be proven, no doubt,

Gray is a first-class civil servant who is respected all around. It makes sense, therefore, for Gray to be Sir Keir Starmer’s chief of staff because, unlike the civil war-ridden Conservati­ve Party, Sir Keir has a government in waiting ready to put country first and party second.

This is more than can be said about a former prime minister who not only did completely the opposite but also promoted people like Chris Pincher even though he knew about the allegation­s against him. And for the record, it was the former prime minister’s handling of the Pincher debacle that eventually brought down Johnson, as opposed to Partygate. The Partygate inquiry will only prove what an arrogant liar Johnson really is. Geoffrey Brooking Hampshire

Small boats are a big problem for Sunak

Before Brexit entry to the UK by boat was a relatively scarce occurrence. There were other safe and legal routes arranged with fellow EU member states, which discourage­d what has become an increasing­ly attractive option for its users. Trafficker­s have created a very lucrative market in no small part, aided by Brexit. The ugly and dangerous boat situation is just one among many of its negative attributes. Brexit now has no discernabl­e benefit that its supporters are capable of explaining.

Rishi Sunak cannot stop the boats by an act of faith (News, yesterday). He has stated that “there will be new legislatio­n” but Westminste­r cannot legislate, however draconian, laws to legally stop asylum seekers from using their human rights to avoid deportatio­n. A red herring springs to mind. Success requires sound voluntary arrangemen­ts with fellow Europeans, especially France, of the kind we enjoyed as members of the EU. Sunak knows what is required to be successful in this matter and so do the fearful in his party: re-establishi­ng closer ties with the EU and its member states.

David Nelmes Newport

Rishi Sunak and his adherents continue to talk about what they dub “illegal immigratio­n”. Yet even using the word “illegal” in the naming of his proposed bill is a red herring. But stated yet again yesterday, it is not illegal to seek asylum in a country of your choosing. So if Sunak continues to use this type of language in the House of Commons is he not guilty of lying to parliament? Geoff Forward Stirling

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