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Chris Maume presents his weekly general knowledge quiz


1. Who are the above, and what’s the musical link?

2. A chef with the forename Spiridon was personal cook to both Lenin and Stalin. Which notable Russian is his grandchild?

3. Who is the youngest football manager to win the Premier League? He currently works in Italy. And which Scotsman is the

second youngest?

4. Who was elected as what would become the last leader of his country on this day in 1985?

5. Mother Teresa Internatio­nal Airport is just outside which city?

6. Which novelist claimed: “The only books Diana [Princess of Wales] ever read were mine, and they weren’t awfully good for her”?

7. Blow-point, check-stones, mumble-the-peg, mumchance, spurn-point, trap-out, truss: what’s the link?

8. The addition of a single letter changes a word meaning “burial” to a word meaning “imprisonme­nt”. Which words?

9. Thailand (2566), North Korea (112), Israel (5783), Ethiopia (2015), Iran (1401): what’s the link?

10. On this day in 1951, which act did President Franklin D Roosevelt sign into law allowing food, oil and materiel to be given to the Allies?

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