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Lineker furore underlines the need for new BBC leadership


It looks to me like we have now arrived at the point where the resignatio­n of Tim Davie, as BBC director general, is more when than if.

The choice to punish Gary Lineker, all while corporatio­n chair Richard Sharp hides from the controvers­y of his facilitati­ng a loan to Boris Johnson, is ridiculous.

This latest furor just underlines the need for new leadership at the BBC. But then who will 10 Downing Street rely on? They could attempt to pander to the far right, who are threatenin­g to steal copious votes, by appointing Nigel Farage and Richard Tice. Decisions, decisions.

Robert Boston Kent

Sturgeon’s regime was smoke and mirrors

If one thing has become clear since Nicola Sturgeon’s abrupt resignatio­n, it is that the SNP has been a one-woman band. The candidates in the race to succeed her are trying hard not to be less than mediocre and failing. But one thing they know: that Sturgeon’s regime was a smoke and mirrors outfit. When not in denial, they reveal that there were shortcomin­gs that stained her rule.

There is no indication that any of them actually knows what to do with the power that they would inherit. The high-water mark of nationalis­m has passed.

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