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We should treasure the BBC


I suspect Jerry Wells (Letters, yesterday) is spending too much time watching other channels and missing the many excellent and diverse programmes on the BBC.

If you truly cannot find any educationa­l, cultural, entertaini­ng, or groundbrea­king shows from their wide portfolio then you may want to withdraw your license fee. For most people, however, the cost per month is less than most subscripti­on channels, which are usually restricted in their programmin­g or charge more for other areas.

To quote directly an article in The Independen­t regarding The Repair Shop programme, “not unlike the BBC itself, in fact, a century-old global treasure of craft and creativity currently being carelessly trashed by this government. When it’s gone, there’ll be no Repair Shop to try to stick it back together again. So let’s try to take care of it in the meantime”.

Rob Alliott Cambridge

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