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By now, at least 10 per cent of us have bro­ken our new year’s res­o­lu­tions. Bri­tain’s weather con­tin­ues to tor­ment us, along with more se­ri­ous worries such as re­dun­dancy and fam­ily feuds. We may be de­spon­dent, but five easy steps can get us to a place of hap­pi­ness. HON­EST – Write down what is mak­ing you feel­ing neg­a­tive, unin­spired, or hope­less. Make three col­umns – Thoughts, Feel­ings and Ac­tions. Take a tar­get sit­u­a­tion that is caus­ing you dis­com­fort. In your thoughts col­umn, you may write: “I’ll never be able to lose weight – it’s so hard.” Then write down your feel­ings: “I feel fat, I’ll never get a date” and the same for your ac­tions: “I stay in ev­ery Satur­day night rather than so­cial­is­ing.” HABITS – Write down your think­ing and ac­tion habits. For ex­am­ple “I nib­ble in be­tween meals”. Now you have iden­ti­fied the habits, you can start to change them. Daily prac­tice makes per­fect. HYP­NO­SIS - “The fo­cused at­ten­tion on a dom­i­nant idea”. Start us­ing this sim­ple tool. You do it any­way, in many sit­u­a­tions, whether you re­alise it or not – such as when you are read­ing a book. Close your eyes and, in a re­laxed state, imag­ine for about 15 min­utes a day, in de­tail, how your life will look and feel hav­ing achieved your goal. Bingo – you are in self-hyp­no­sis re­pro­gram­ming your sub­con­scious mind. HEALTHY – Don’t beat your­self up. Cel­e­brate ev­ery day, ev­ery achieve­ment you have, how­ever small. You’ll feel in­spired and mo­ti­vated to do more. HAPPY – It doesn’t mat­ter what hap­pens around you, be­cause you feel great. Your thoughts de­ter­mine your re­al­ity. They are the seed of ev­ery­thing you ex­pe­ri­ence in life. Great thinkers from Moses to Ein­stein told us that sim­ple truth. Now it’s for us to live it. Hanna Newstead is a cog­ni­tive be­havioural hyp­nother­a­pist, life de­sign coach, trainer and in­spi­ra­tional speaker. She can be con­tacted at hanna@ house­ofcre­ or on 07967 809 353,­ofcre­ation. com for one-to-one help with is­sues from low con­fi­dence and los­ing weight to reach­ing your ca­reer goals

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