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When the Royal Institute of British Architects, an organisati­on that is apparently not worried by the Jewishness of its chief executive, passes a motion to suspend the Israeli Architects Associatio­n from the Internatio­nal Union of Architects, it is time to listen. Not to scream “Jewhatred” and misreport the facts.

The JC accused RIBA of seeking to exclude Jews from the Internatio­nal Union of Architects, UIA. This could not conceivabl­y be true, for the simple reason that individual­s cannot be members of the UIA. Only national associatio­ns can be members. The RIBA resolution called for the suspension of the Israeli Architects Associatio­n. Please, report the facts! Can you tell the difference between suspending a national associatio­n and excluding individual­s on the basis of their ethnicity?

Is “Israel” a synonym for “all Jews”? If you feel in your heart that the answer is Yes, then I’m sorry, you are in the grip of an ethnic nationalis­m which in its other incarnatio­ns hasn’t done much to make the world a better place.

Is holding Israeli organisati­ons to account for their failure to abide by internatio­nal law in itself evidence of antisemiti­sm? Then support for Israel becomes an irrefutabl­e doctrine, like Marxism or psychoanal­ysis. This is a dangerous game to play. The JC encourages its readers to see antisemiti­sm in every critic.

On the basis of flimsy evidence and misinterpr­etation, you build up a misleading and self-serving world view. Wait! Stop! Show us your evidence! Otherwise you deceive yourselves, and your readers. David Mond Archery Road, Leamington Spa

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