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In­cludes ma­te­rial not in the Etgar Handbook

1. What is the name of the prayers re­cited on Suc­cot dur­ing the pro­ces­sion around the sy­n­a­gogue? a. Hakafot b. Hoshanot c. Hal­lel d. Hal­leluyot e. Seli­chot

2. In what year was the first Beit Hamik­dash de­stroyed? a. 722 BCE b. 586 BCE c. 533 BCE d. 168 BCE e.0


3. 250peo­ple joined Ko­rach’s

re­bel­lion. How were they pun­ished? a. They were fined b. they caught lep­rosy c. theydrowned d. they were con­sumed by fire e. they were swal­lowed by the earth

4. To whom was the Bal­four Dec­la­ra­tion, promis­ing a Jewish home­land in Pales­tine, ad­dressed? a. LordWal­ter Roth­schild b.David Lloyd Ge­orge c.Chaim Weiz­mann d. Theodor Herzl e. David ben Gu­rion 5. The fa­ther of Cha­sidism, Is­rael ben Eliezer, is bet­ter known as: a. Ba’al Te­fi­lah b. Ba’al Ye­va­mot c. Ba’al Shem Tov d. Ba’al Habyit e. Ba’al Habehemah

6. Which of these is not nor­mally as­so­ci­ated with Hav­dalah? a. a can­dle b. singing c. spices d. wine e. kid­dush

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