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1. The ten days from Rosh Hashanah un­til Yom Kip­pur are called the Ten Days of: a. Re­pen­tance b. Sad­ness c. Joy d. For­give­ness e. Judge­ment

2. How long did Moses live? a. 110 years b. 120 years c. 127 years d. 130 years e. 150 years

3. Where was Jonah sail­ing to when he was swal­lowed by a fish? a. Jaffa b. Haifa c. Ash­dod d. Nin­veh e. Tarshish

In what year was the Yom Kip­pur War? a. 1948 b. 1967 c. 1972 d. 1973 e. 1982

5. Who did Moshe ap­point as his suc­ces­sor to lead the peo­ple of Is­rael? a. Joshua b. Aaron c. Gideon d. Caleb e. Saul

6. Which of the fol­low­ing is not a pro­hi­bi­tion of Yom Kip­pur? a. drink­ing b. washing c. wear­ing leather shoes d. wear­ing new clothes e. wear­ing per­fume

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