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The Jewish Chronicle - - WORLD NEWS - BY DANIEL SUGARMAN

A 95-YEAR old man has been charged with more than 36,000 counts of be­ing an ac­ces­sory to mur­der over his al­leged role as an SS guard at the Mau­thausen ûXWûNW][K]RXW ûKVY O[XV !)$$

The ac­cused, iden­ti­fied as Hans H for le­gal rea­sons, is al­leged to have “known about the var­i­ous meth­ods of killing as well as the dis­as­trous liv­ing con­di­tions of the im­pris­oned peo­ple”, ac­cord­ing to ]QN 2N[URW >[X\Nû^]X[´\ =OORûN

He is also said to have “been aware that a large num­ber of peo­ple were killed with th­ese meth­ods and that the vic­tims could have only been killed with such reg­u­lar­ity if they were be­ing P^K[MNM Lā YNXYUN \^ûQ K\ QRV\NUO ²

Hans H served as an SS Rot­ten­fuhrer, a rank roughly equiv­a­lent to cor­po­ral, O[XV UK]N !)$$ XWÿK[M\

Around 190,000 peo­ple, in­clud­ing many thou­sands of Jews and Soviet pris­on­ers of war, were held at Mau­thausen, 1^\][RK´\ UK[PN\] ûXWûNW][K]RXW ûKVY

At least 36,223 were killed dur­ing the time Hans H is said to have served as an AA P^K[M

The SS evac­u­ated Mau­thausen in early May 1945, just before its lib­er­a­tion by ]QN CA 1[Vā 6KW\ 6 R\ Kûû^\NM XO \N[þ ing both on the outer perime­ter of the camp and in­side, as well as guard­ing a WNK[Lā Z^K[[ā

The rock quarry at Mau­thausen was at the base of a climb known as the ±A]KR[\ XO 3NK]Q² 4ĀQK^\]NM KWM VKU nour­ished pris­on­ers were of­ten forced to run up the 186 stairs, carry rough­lyQNÿW QNKþā LUXûT\ XO \]XWN

Many of those who sur­vived were placed in rows at the edge of a cliff TWXÿW K\ ±BQN >K[KûQ^]R\]\ öKUU² 1] gun­point, each pris­oner would have the op­tion of be­ing shot or push­ing ]QN Y[R\XWN[ RW O[XW] XO QRV XOO ]QN ûUROO

Tri­als held in Ger­many over the past decade have ad­vanced the le­gal view that Nazi camp guards can be charged as ac­ces­sories to mur­der even with­out direct ev­i­dence of them ac­tively tak­ing YK[] RW TRUURWP\

The Ber­lin pros­e­cu­tor’s of­fice said it had de­ter­mined that Hans H is able to \]KWM ][RKU 1 ûX^[] ÿRUU WXÿ [NþRNÿ ]QN charges and in­de­pen­dently de­ter­mine ÿQN]QN[ QN R\ OR] ]X LN ][RNM

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