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THE HEADTEACHE­R of an Orthodox Jewish primary school in the UK appealed to pupils to show sensitivit­y to a transgende­r child who has transition­ed from identifyin­g as male to female.

Explaining in assembly that the child would now be known by a girl’s rather than boy’s name, the head explained that the child “always felt he really should have been born as a girl and has always wanted to live this way”.

This was “a decision he has chosen but we know some people will think this is not right but this is about him and no one else. Please do not discuss this with him unless he chooses to do so with you.”

Citing the biblical command of “loving your fellow as yourself”, the head expressed confidence in pupils’ ability to make the child feel safe at the school.

“I want everyone to treat her as kindly as we would anyone else in our school,” the head said. “Anyone who behaves inappropri­ately will be in serious trouble.”

In a message to parents, the head enclosed a copy of the Chief Rabbi’s guide to schools on the duty of care towards LGBTQ pupils which was published last year.

“We have a child at school who is identifyin­g as transgende­r and has today made the transition at school from being represente­d as a boy to being identified as a girl,” the head said.

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