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Engaged couple splits up after antisemiti­sm row


A JEWISH actor and comedian who performs a one-man show about antisemiti­sm and conspiracy theories has described his reaction after an engaged couple split up during a performanc­e due to disagreeme­nts over what he was saying.

Marlon Solomon, who has performed his award-winning one-man show, Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale, at venues around the country, gave a performanc­e for the Chorlton Park Labour party, a local branch (BLP) within Manchester’s Withington constituen­cy, on Saturday night.

A member of the audience of 150 shared what happened on social media, tweeting: “Was at Marlon Solomon’s show last night hosted by my BLP, very good on how conspiraci­sm drives left wing antisemiti­sm.

“There was a couple in front of us

Performanc­e: Solomon who kept whispering throughout, the guy was angry, kept shaking his head and his fiancée kept telling him to shut up.

“We get to the Q&A section and a guy from JLM [the Jewish Labour Movement] starts explaining why BDS is bad, holding Israel to a higher standard etc. So this guy’s hand goes up like a shot and down when his fiancée tells him to shut up.

“They have a massive whispering row and she gives him her f***ing engagement ring and tells him to f*** off. Off he f***s, she comes back and tells her mates the whole engagement is off… Was incredibly surreal.” Speaking to the JC, Mr Solomon said: “Of course I would not want to find humour in the breaking up of an engagement, but I’m gratified that my show may be giving people the clarity they need about aspects of antisemiti­sm.” Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale will be returning to London in April, with two performanc­es at The Gatehouse in Highgate.

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