The Jewish Chronicle


includes material not in the Etgar Handbook


1. In the Torah it is written: “Remember the Shabbat day to keep it ____” a. protected b. holy c. special d. meaningful e. each week

2. The Yiddish language is mainly derived from: a. Spanish and Hebrew b. Aramaic and Hebrew c. German and Hebrew d. German and Russian e. Spanish and English 3. When was the pogrom at Kishinev? a. 1881 b. 1889 c. 1893 d. 1903 e. 1909

4. What is the name of the Shabbat that precedes Pesach? a. Shabbat Zachor b. Shabbat Parah c. Shabbat Shekalim d. Shabbat Hagadol e. Shabbat Chazon

5. In Tanach, which book follows Mishlei? a. Tehillim b. Daniel c. Esther d. Iyov e. Divrei Hayamim

6. How many times do we say kiddush over the course of Shabbat? a. one b. two c. three d. four e. five

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