The Jewish Chronicle

Spineless bodies


Our two main communal bodies have been eloquent and firm in their condemnati­on of racism within British politics. Quite rightly, both the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council have repeatedly called out the institutio­nal antisemiti­sm of the Labour Party. But it is striking how their readiness to condemn racism has deserted them over the alliance between Likud and the far right Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Power”) in the Israeli election. Jewish Power is the successor to the banned Kahanist movement, named after the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose Jewish Defence League was labelled a terrorist organisati­on by the United States. It is an abominatio­n — an avowedly racist party that demands the forced removal of Palestinia­ns and wants to turn Israel into a Jewish theocracy. The Board and the JLC say that it is inappropri­ate for them to interfere in Israeli politics. Nonsense. The Board rightly condemned the Nation State Law. This is far, far worse — and yet neither the Board nor the JLC have said a word. There is a word for this: spineless.

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