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Former PCC let off the hook


LABOUR’S HIGHEST disciplina­ry committee, the National Constituti­onal Committee (NCC), has dismissed charges against a parliament­ary candidate after she was investigat­ed over tweets about antisemiti­sm and a Jewish MP’s “Zionist sympathies”.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, who joined the party when Jeremy Corbyn became leader, was chosen to be candidate for South Thanet in April 2018.

But in December, La bour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) said it would not back her over tweets from the think tank she founded, the Centre for Cultural Change.

As revealed by the Guido Fawkes blog, the Twitter account associated with the think tank tweeted messages during 2016 and 2017 dismissing antisemiti­sm in Labour.

In April 2016, it described the suspension of Ken Livingston­e over his comments on Hitler and Zionism as the “result of a campaign to smear Jeremy Corbyn as antisemiti­c, orchestrat­ed by the Israel lobby”.

It also tweeted: “Has anyone looked into Hitler’s policy on Zionism? Might not be mutually exclusive with his later actions.”

Writing on Wednesday, Ms GordonNesb­itt wrote that the NCC “has found the charges lodged against me to have

been unproven”. She also said she hoped the NEC would “review its decision” about endorsing her candidacy.

The Centre for Cultural Change’s Twitter account also tweeted about what it called the “Zionist sympathies” of John Bercow, the speaker of the House, who is Jewish.

As Guido Fawkes revealed, Ms GordonNesb­itt had registered the think tank’s website and accounts showed no other employees.

She claimed to have “occasional­ly contribute­d” to the Centre for Cultural Change Twitter account “well before I decided to stand as a parliament­ary candidate”, and said the tweets had been “taken out of context… to imply that I was antisemiti­c”.

A Labour spokespers­on said: “The party takes all complaints of antisemiti­sm extremely seriously and we are committed to challengin­g and campaignin­g against it in all its forms. All complaints about antisemiti­sm are fully investigat­ed in line with our rules and procedures. The NEC did not endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as the Labour Party candidate for South Thanet.”

 ?? PHOTO: TWITTER ?? Charges dismissed: Gordon-Nesbitt
PHOTO: TWITTER Charges dismissed: Gordon-Nesbitt

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