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Norwood plans £16m upgrade to Ravenswood


NORWOOD HAS submitted plans to Wokingham Borough Council for a £16 million-plus developmen­t to its Ravenswood site in Crowthorne, Berkshire for those with learning disabiliti­es that will create modern and accessible homes and outdoor spaces.

The project will see a major upgrade to Ravenswood’s residentia­l accommodat­ion and facilities for its current 111 residents and those housed in future.

Additional­ly, a parcel of land on the site will be released to housing developer Charles Church for the constructi­on of 183 new homes,40 per cent of which will be affordable housing. This is part of Norwood’s intention to create a pioneering community involving both Ravenswood residents and the wider local populace.

“The plans have been carefully thought through to balance the needs of residents with the desire to align with the national agenda of community inclusion for those with learning disabiliti­es,” said Norwood CEO Dr Beverley Jacobson.

“The developmen­t is also part of Norwood’s wider plan to keep pushing boundaries and explore the art of the possible for people with complex needs.

“There are many exciting elements, from the upgrading of existing facilities — such as the hydrothera­py pool and stables — to the building of new flexible spaces for meetings, workshops and conference­s. All of this will extend our services to many more people in the local community, some of whom may choose to live in the new Charles Church homes, which will also, we hope, provide a fresh source of paid staff and volunteers for Ravenswood. There will also be an enhanced and improved synagogue space.”

Roger Filer, chair of the Ravenswood Families Associatio­n, said relatives were delighted about “a very positive developmen­t for Ravenswood and the people currently living there. It will vastly improve the living accommodat­ion and external environmen­t.”

Subject to planning approval, constructi­on will commence in 2020 with completion in 2022.

There will be a hydrothera­py pool, stables and spaces for conference­s

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