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Corbyn ally controlled Jew hate cases


A LABOUR whistleblo­wer who left the party just three months ago has said an ally of Jeremy Corbyn seized control of “all” complaints over antisemiti­sm.

Tim Dexter, 26, a former complaints officer at Labour HQ, told the Sunday Times that Thomas Gardiner was given personal sign off of all complaints involving anti-Jewish racism.

Mr Dexter said Mr Gardiner refused to suspend one man who had called two Jewish MPs “Zionist c*m buckets.”

The senior Corbyn ally also said it was “ridiculous” for the party to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to antisemiti­sm, Mr Dexter said.

Mr Dexter also alleged that Karie Murphy, Labour’s chief of staff, spied on employees, demanding details of their computer searches.

Mr Dexter, who has given evidence to the EHRC investigat­ion into Labour, claimed the party was “unwilling” to tackle its Jew-hate crisis and said Jewish people were right to feel “distressed and disturbed” by the failure of the leadership to punish those guilty of antisemiti­sm.

Meanwhile, Sam Matthews and Louise Withers Green, two of the whistleblo­wers in last week’s BBC Panorama, have confirmed they have instructed media lawyer Mark Lewis to represent them over claims they have been defamed by the party as “disaffecte­d former officials” who lacked “credibilit­y”.

The JC understand­s all eight whistleblo­wers are considerin­g legal action.

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