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Charedi in lunch with Corbyn


JEREMY CORBYN has been criticised by Jewish Labour campaigner­s after meeting controvers­ial Charedi activist Shraga Stern for lunch in Westminste­r.

The Labour leader and his wife Laura Alvarez were seen in conversati­on with Mr Stern — who has aggressive­ly opposed changes to government policy on the teaching of LGBT issues in schools — on Wednesday.

Dan Carden, Labour’s shadow internatio­nal developmen­t secretary, was also at the meeting.

A Jewish Labour Movement spokespers­on said: “It’s a shame that the only representa­tives of any part of the Jewish community that Corbyn is prepared to listen to are those from its most reactionar­y sections.

“Shraga Stern has been an inveterate campaigner against children being taught that LGBT people exist.”

In February, Mr Stern attended a protest outside Parkfield, a Birmingham school, against the introducti­on of lesson about same-sex relationsh­ips and gender reassignme­nt.

Mr Stern said he had gone to parliament for PMQs and had run into Mr Corbyn: “It was a casual sit-down, it wasn’t a planned meeting. We had a general chat and spoke about everything except education.

“I am not a homophobe and my campaign was to continue the Charedi tradition that sex education is taught only by parents at home — and nothing to do with LGBT teaching. I am against any sex education in the classroom and I made that clear in my speech at Parkfield. “

He said JLM’s attack on him for defending the Charedi tradition was “extremely hurtful”.

Labour said: “The Labour Party has long supported and campaigned for LGBT+ inclusive education in schools.”

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