The Jewish Chronicle

Met Su Yan back in Fed’s fold


THE FEDERATION of Synagogues Beth Din has issued a new licence to the Met Su Yan kosher restaurant in Golders Green, taking effect two days after the withdrawal of the previous one.

A notice sent out on behalf of the Federation last Friday announced that “after the implementa­tion of important changes, including significan­t staff replacemen­ts, a kosher licence has been issued to Met Su Yan”, valid from July 14.

Last week, the JC reported that the Federation had decided to withdraw its licence from the restaurant, claiming that staff had “created an attitude and an atmosphere that made it difficult for the Beth Din mashgichim and shomrim [kashrut observers] to carry out their supervisor­y duties”.

Speaking to the JC then, a spokesman for the restaurant stressed that “nothing treif has been sold, chas vshalom [God forbid]”.

The issue had been “a disciplina­ry matter”.

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