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JWA told ‘how the law has failed women’


ADDRESSING JEWISH Women’s Aid’s 10th anniversar­y legal seminar, hosted by a City law firm, Baroness Helena Kennedy said domestic violence cases had opened her eyes “to how the law failed women.

“Not enough has changed,” she reflected. “We’ve come a long way —but not far enough.”

JWA has recently launched its Dina service, supporting women affected by sexual violence.

Emily Robertson, consultant to Dina, spoke about the reasons behind its establishm­ent, adding:

“JWA now provides brilliant support for Jewish women to get access to the justice they’re entitled to.” Lucy Stone, QC, analysed proposed changes in matrimonia­l law but feared they might be sidelined by current political preoccupat­ions.

JWA CEO Naomi Dickson said: “Our experience is that navigating the justice system can be frightenin­g for our clients — and it does not always deliver the justice they deserve.

“It’s crucial the legal profession reviews legislatio­n and processes to ensure that vulnerable women are kept safe.”

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