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SOLVE OUR Shabbat-friendly crossword. Writing is not required — just use your Scrabble board and tiles to spell out the answers to the cryptic clues. 6K Instruct a crowd to stop. (5)

8I Aboard ship. (6)

8M The legend of a horse. (4)

10C The three of them caused a riot. (4)

10F Enid built this nest. (4)

12L Well learned and almost willing. (4)


2E An important time of the year. (6) 3A An odd street. (5)

3J Widen your drinking habit. (5)

6A Fights over precious stones, reportedly. (5)

6G Indicate that you got an honour. (6)

8C Write down half of a notebook. (3) 8I A peach from India. (6)

10C Rent 15I. (4)

10I Cleanser in tool form. (6)

12H A Roman estate. (5)

13A Nothing but an honour for the instrument. (4)

15I She might be game. (4)

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