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To all our dear Jewish readers

- By Hamad Al Kaabi Hamad al Kaabi is Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ittihad newspaper, UAE

WE CONGRATULA­TE our friends in Israel, and Jews around the world, on the occasion of Purim which, in their hearts, symbolises the triumph of good over evil, hope over despair, life over death, building over demolition and survival over annihilati­on. We pass this message through our colleagues at the Jewish Chronicle.

History shows that most of the problems and crises that the world has faced, and humanity has suffered, were caused by a widening gap between different peoples and cultures. A loss of communicat­ion with each other, and the spread of terrifying stereotype­s, provides fertile soil for conflicts and hostility. Hence, we look at the Abraham Accords as a reflection of the civilised outlooks we both champion. We also regard the Accords as a courageous move to establish a better reality for future generation­s; one that is consistent with our joint vision for our future, and the future of a region that is ravaged by conflict and tension, and was about to slip into a dark phase.

Even more, we regard the Accords as a triumph of the will to build a future of hope and life. They are an ideal way to enhance coexistenc­e, fraternity and human unity, turning away from the conflicts and hostilitie­s that disrupt the unified spirit of nations, stop progress and lead to the deteriorat­ion of humanity.

We have a message here in the United Arab Emirates, which is the foundation­al ideal that guides us:

“When you seek peace, you work for the future, spreading goodness and hope in the hearts of all generation­s. You have the wisdom that humanity strives for, seeing the world as one family and removing feelings of hatred and hostility.”

This is the philosophy which will move us to a safe and prosperous future, in which feelings of human fraternity rise and become the core of our character.

With the triumph of willpower we achieved peace, and we are moving together towards a better future for our countries and our region. This Purim, we wish to celebrate with you our shared destiny, both present and future. We wish affection and peace for our friends.

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