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Vaccine drive needs you


A FEDERATION of Synagogues campaign is recruiting volunteers to help with the country’s vaccine roll-out.

More than 100 people have already responded to the invitation to become administra­tors of the Covid-19 vaccine or ushers at centres which deliver the jab.

“We are doing our bit for the national drive,” said Dayan Yehoshua Pose of the Federation Beth Din.

Since it can take time to sign up as a vaccinator, the Federation is “trying to fast-track people and get them ready and qualified”.

To be a vaccine administra­tor requires eight hours of online training, followed by a day of practical training.

The applicant then needs to be assessed for competence.

With the number of volunteers around the country increasing, “it is proving harder to receive the practical training.

“Therefore, the Federation are now working on organising a training session for some of their volunteers who have reached that stage.”

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