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Apology after ovens break Shabbat rules

The Covid-19 vaccinatio­n programme: the UK’s way out of this pandemic and an inspiring collaborat­ive effort like never before


THE MANUFACTUR­ER of Bosch, Neff and Siemens electronic ovens has apologised to customers who have purchased models which have been found not to be Shabbat or festival compliant.

Because of a new safety feature, the ovens now automatica­lly switch off their heating elements when the oven door is opened. Therefore, anyone opening the door would breach the prohibitio­n against turning electricit­y on or off.

The Federation of Synagogues’ Fedtech department has issued a warning over the situation and said it was “working closely” with BSH Home Appliances Limited, which manufactur­es the brands, to find a solution.

Fedtech director Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Guttentag said those with the updated models may not have initially realised the oven was turning off because the heating elements might still be glowing.

“We have fielded a tremendous volume of calls from people who have the ovens.” It would not be practical to use the ovens on Yomtov. But on Shabbat, it would be possible to wire a time-switch into the oven socket and set it to turn the oven off before the door was opened.

BSH said it understood “the importance of following the Sabbath and would like to offer our sincere apologies”.

WHOLE OF the UK is working together to roll out the Covid-19 vaccine, from the scientists developing effective vaccines to the warehouse workers ensuring stock is stored safely and distribute­d around the country. The UK vaccinatio­n is an inspiring collective effort across the four nations. The UK Government has secured more than 457 million doses of vaccines and has multiple vaccines approved for use. Millions of people have already received their first dose, with those most at risk first in line.

The UK Government has made available more than £6 billion to develop and secure Covid-19 vaccines, and it is now distributi­ng doses to health services in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the Crown Dependenci­es and Overseas Territorie­s. After becoming the first country to approve a vaccine for use, there are now three authorised Covid-19 vaccines. Those approved have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiven­ess set out by the independen­t Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). They are available locally

across the UK, and provided free. At the heart of the biggest vaccinatio­n programme in NHS history are thousands of scientists, medics, Armed Forces personnel, logistics staff and volunteers who make it all possible. Read their inspiring stories here.

 ??  ?? Sylvia Rosenthal receives her first vaccinatio­n at The Fed in Manchester
Sylvia Rosenthal receives her first vaccinatio­n at The Fed in Manchester
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