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SOLVE OUR Shabbat-friendly crossword. Writing is not required — just use your Scrabble board and tiles to spell out the answers to the cryptic clues.

HOW TO PLAY: Use the letter tiles from the game of Scrabble to spell out the answers to the clues below. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrabble board according to the grid references given with the clues. If you successful­ly complete the puzzle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


1G Take this salmon . (4)

2C Start to squabble over the cushion. (5)

2J Not found amongst thieves. (6)

4F Stole a tallis. (5)

4L Ask Hayley to come to tea. (5) 5B It may lift up and down to earth. (4)

7E Why did the carpenter sweep up. (7)

8A Pasta or ultra violin music . (7) 10H Speechless when tied. (6) 11N Wait, I’ll cultivate it soon. (4)


2C It was laid at Jericho. (5)

2I Acidity one can call. (5)

4F Egber used a hopeless saxophone. (5)

5B A princely Indian. (5)

6A A great start to a fable. (3) 6L A small item. (4)

7E Other ways to oscillate. (4)

7J Cereal eaten over years. (3) 8A Show a lever. (6)

8L Was it curtains for Alfred. (4) 10C Dan was a pet of the teacher. (6)

11H Funny, not even men take tea. (7)

12A Wash the sash with bio. (3) 13E This horse could pull it. (7) 14L Do your nails whilst serving life. (4)

15E Gamble with cubes. (4)

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