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Thank you, Andrew


In just a few weeks’ time Andrew Dismore will be retiring from his role as London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden. This marks the end of an over 24 year relationsh­ip between Andrew and the Jewish community in Barnet, Camden and beyond.

Whilst I am no longer a member of the Labour Party, I had the pleasure of working on many of Andrew’s most recent elections to the Assembly in 2012 and 2016 and his attempts to hold and then regain his seat in Parliament in 2010 and 2015. I was proud to later work and learn from for him in City Hall for three years.

He has been dedicated public servant. I saw first hand how good he was at responding to residents’ casework — tens of thousands have been helped by him — and there are many people in Hendon who still have a roof over their heads because of his work. It is no coincidenc­e that he gained such a strong reputation as a hard working local MP.

Equally his commitment to the Jewish community has been unparallel­ed. As he never sought higher office, he was always able to speak out as he wished. Whether on Get law, matters related to Israel, Palestine and a two state solution as a Chair of Labour Friends of Israel or his pivotal role in the creation of Holocaust Memorial Day — a legacy marked by millions every year.

I worked with him on exposing and overturnin­g the first BDS policy built into a government contract — the Emirates Cable Car contract signed by the then Mayor of London (and now Prime Minister) which included a clause prohibitin­g TfL from doing business with Israeli firms and together we led the campaign to stop Hungarian neo-Nazis from campaignin­g in Camden for the then European elections.

To his opponents Andrew can be a real pain in the neck. Often his opponents have been ours too, and we should be thankful that he has been our pain in the neck.

Politician­s retire and we as a community sometimes forget to say thank you. So I wish to say ‘Thank You Andrew for everything you have done’ — and to his wife Linda for putting up with him, and us.

Adam Langleben Former Labour Councillor for West Hendon New Barnet EN4

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