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SOLVE OUR Shabbat-friendly crossword. Writing is not required — just use your Scrabble board and tiles to spell out the answers to the cryptic clues.

HOW TO PLAY: Use the letter tiles from the game of Scrabble to spell out the answers to the clues below. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrabble board according to the grid references given with the clues. If you successful­ly complete the puzzle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


2D Rest on this cloth. (5)

2N Left it completed. (5)

3J It’s a shame to end serendipit­y. (4)

3L Create a modern flue. (6) 4A A star like punctuatio­n mark. (8)

5G It’s worth chewing it over. (3)

6E A place for young plants. (7) 8H I daven and then encroach. (6)

9C Angling for a good catch. (7) 10K Heard Hebrew was imminent. (3)

12J Told it’s bred to be eaten. (4)

12N Silly mid off. (3)


2B Talk about the wocky. (6) 3J Promise to become an evil state. (6)

4A Treats bruises caused in a car crash. (6)

5L How they carve veal in the low country. (4)

6D Stewards may look into this. (7)

8L Label for a child’s game. (3) 9E This bird moves aimlessly around. (4)

10A Take out your resentment on the piste. (5)

10H Do you believe in black magic. (6)

11E Italian football team known as? (4)

12H Erased from memory. (7) 15A Stuck like glue to the toboggan. (4)

15J One can confuse this animal. (3)

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