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Israel’s 20second Covid test approved for use in EU


ISRAELI RESEARCHER­S have developed a Covid test that can deliver results in just 20 seconds — making it the perfect solution for someone who is about to get on a flight.

The new test is conducted through a device called the SpectraLIT, a handheld piece of equipment created by the Israeli firm Newsight, in partnershi­p with the Sheba Medical Centre. It has just received approval for use by the European Union, opening the door for quick results across Europe and the rest of the world — including at airports. Use of the SpectraLIT could go a long way to opening up renewed internatio­nal travel.

As with other Covid tests, the SpectraLIT works with a nasal swab — but it can also operate with a less intrusive gargle method. A regular swab needs taking to a laboratory for chemical analysis. This device, however, shines light through the sample, getting the result from a unique computer chip that reads the ensuing pattern.

The developmen­t of the SpectraLIT represents another technologi­cal success for Israel, and Technion — the Israel Institute of Technology — in particular. Three of the key figures involved in the creation of SpectraLIT – Eli Schwartz, Eyal

Yatskan, and Eyal Zimlichma – are graduates of the Technion.

Alan Aziz, chief executive of Technion UK, said: “Israel was called to be a light unto the nations but it’s never normally this literal. We are very proud that three Technion graduates have been involved in developing the revolution­ary SpectraLIT system, offering Covid tests — and results — in less time than it takes to check-in your luggage.”

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