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CLP officer’s online boasts about shouting at Zionists


A LABOUR constituen­cy party officer boasted about shouting at “the Zionists” in front of her eight-year-old grand-daughter.

In a July, 2019 Facebook post, Sheila Day, women’s officer for Hove and Portslade, described her “good day” taking her granddaugh­ter to the cinema before outlining an exchange in the town centre.

She wrote: “Passed the Zionists at the clock tower and shouted ‘justice for Palestine’ at them. Explained to (grand-daughter) aged 8 some of what is happening to them.”

In a separate Facebook post, Ms Day shared a quote from former footballer Eric Cantona which brands the state of Israel racist.

It states: “Racism, human rights abuses and gross violations of internatio­nal law are daily occurrence­s in Israel. All victims of abuse by the Israeli state need our support.”

In October, 2020, Ms Day also shared a post of an interview with US actor Mark Ruffalo who accused Israel of a “kind of apartheid”.

She has also shared posts claiming Israel was behind political attacks on former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In August, 2018, she shared a post

She described Corbyn ‘as the best leader ever in my lifetime’

from Electronic Intifada under the headline”Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn”.

In her Twitter feed, Ms Day has described Corbyn as “the best leader ever in my lifetime”.

Sharing tweets under the hashtag #SocialistS­unday last October, she wrote: “Stand with Jeremy the best leader ever in my lifetime. Restore the whip immediatel­y.”

The JC understand­s the Labour Party is investigat­ing the case.

A Labour Party spokespers­on said: “The Labour Party takes all complaints of antisemiti­sm extremely seriously and they are fully investigat­ed in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriat­e disciplina­ry action is taken.”

 ??  ?? One of the posts shared by Labour women’s officer Sheila Day
One of the posts shared by Labour women’s officer Sheila Day

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