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C ST reports TV channel over antisemiti­c comments


VOFCOM HAS been urged to investigat­e an Islamic TV channel’s recent interviews with two guests who appeared to blame the Jewish people for antisemiti­sm.

Guest speaker Clive Menzies said during a programme broadcast by Ahlebait TV last month that antisemiti­sm was a “Jewish creation”.

“It’s worth just noting that antisemiti­sm was created by Theodore Herzl at the back end of the 19th century in order to frighten and create the circumstan­ces that would encourage Jews to migrate to Israel so antisemiti­sm is actually a Jewish creation,” he said.

Another guest on the programme, David Musa Pidcock, said antisemiti­sm came “from debt, not cancelling the debt and usury”.

The Community Security Trust (CST) lodged a formal complaint with Ofcom about the programme aired on 21 March and entitled Money Power, Islam and a Just Order.

CST policy director Dave Rich said he hoped the regulator will investigat­e and punish the broadcaste­r.

“Antisemite­s have always claimed that the historic persecutio­n of Jews is somehow justified as a response to Jewish behaviour, but to find this despicable suggestion broadcast so blatantly on a UK TV channel, without any challenge or response, is truly appalling,” he said.

Ofcom told the JC on Wednesday it was “assessing the complaint against our broadcasti­ng rules” but that it was “yet to decide whether or not to investigat­e”.

Ahlebait TV did not return a request for comment.

The channel says on its website that it offers “alternativ­e news reports from around the world, religious documentar­ies, lectures, current affairs and entertainm­ent programmin­g with an Islamic perspectiv­e”.

Menzies said, ‘antisemiti­sm is actually a Jewish creation’

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David Musa Pidcock

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