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Two private actions over get refusals


V TWO MORE women have launched private prosecutio­ns against their former husbands for withholdin­g a get.

The cases are the latest attempt to use the secular courts to help agunot, or “chained women”, who cannot remarry according to Jewish law unless they have a religious divorce.

Lawyers first used a six-year-old law against controllin­g and coercive behaviour last year when a man gave his wife a get rather than risk jail.

Rivkah Abayahouda­yan, who was civilly divorced from her husband John in 2002, has accused him of preventing her “obtaining a get”. It has been sent to trial to Harrow Crown Court.

A similar action brought by Caroline Moher against Alan Moher, which alleges he “agreed to a civil divorce but prevented her from obtaining a get…” has been sent for trial to Southwark Crown Court.

Both men have indicated they intend to plead not guilty. According to Jewish law, a get has to be given willingly by a man.

A proposed piece of legislatio­n, the Domestic Abuse Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, is expected to make it easier to bring legal action against recalcitra­nt spouses.

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