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A real wakeup call for Europeans

- YOSSI KUPERWASSE­R Yossi Kuperwasse­r is former research head in Israeli military intelligen­ce and Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs

THE IRANIANS run two inter-related spy networks in Europe. One works against dissidents and the other targets Israelis. The latter is harder for them because of the risk of Israeli retaliatio­n. But the Europeans will never retaliate, so Iran acts freely.

The Europeans tend to view attacks on dissidents as an extension of an Iranian internal issue, something that is not directed against Europe. The security services don’t ignore it, but it isn’t high on the agenda. This plot, which would have killed hundreds, was a wake-up call. But the Europeans tend to wake up from time to time, then fall asleep again.

The main problem is that the exposure of this plot will have no bearing on European policy towards Iran, particular­ly on the nuclear issue. If the Iranians thought there would be repercussi­ons, they would think twice. But the Europeans remain complacent, even though Iran is also threatenin­g them.

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