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We have now vaccinated more than half the UK’s adult population. This phenomenal achievemen­t is testament to the efforts of the NHS and GPs around the country, but it is absolutely crucial that everyone gets a vaccine when their time comes.

Why is it important to get my second dose?

● Having your second dose is really important when the time comes. The first dose of the vaccine provides a high level of protection, but for that protection to last longer, everyone needs to get a second dose. How effective are

ZENA Forster, 65, lives just outside Newcastle. She has heart disease and suffered a stroke in 2016 and is a supporter of the British Heart Foundation. “I had my first dose a couple of weeks ago. I’m thrilled and delighted to have had it. It’s about protecting yourself, but also your family, friends and loved ones. I would feel terrible if I was responsibl­e for passing the virus on to someone else.” the vaccines?

● The most recent study on the effect of vaccines from Public Health England showed vaccines provide a high level of protection, they reduce your risk of catching Covid, reduce the number of people getting serious Covid-19 and needing hospital treatment and reduce the number of people who die from Covid-19.

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