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SOLVE OUR Shabbat-friendly crossword. Writing is not required — just use your Scrabble board and tiles to spell out the answers to the cryptic clues.

HOW TO PLAY: Use the letter tiles from the game of Scrabble to spell out the answers to the clues below. Do not use the two blank tiles. Place the tiles on the Scrabble board according to the grid references given with the clues. If you successful­ly complete the puzzle, you will have used all 98 tiles.


2B Possibly a square 2B Down. (5) 2E Linus may swallow CT medicine. (7)

2J All at sea. (6)

4H Say hello to the top table. (4)

4O Fight over half a book. (3)

6A It’s no fun for the antiques dealer. (4, 3)

7I Get in the boat. (6)

8N State that it’s only half a prison. (4)

10C You may dance with your hat here. (6)

10L Cattle food can be effective. (4) 13G Time spent in court. (3)


2B A lame excuse for not eating it. (4)

2J Soon will be by unknown author. (4)

4E He was out of the running. (7)

5B Told this element does not float. (4)

6A It’s alright to knock him out. (2) 6J A child’s bib. (6)

7E The result of shooting too high. (6)

8A A car plant. (5)

8L Who dares to win the contest . (3) 10A It will keep a steeplecha­ser warm. (6)

10H He walked around without a settled home. (8)

13B Fifty and one pound of water. (6) 13J Allude to a palindrome. (5)

15B Roy wanted VAT added for the devotees. (6)


ACROSS Baize, Whole, Pity, Invent, Asterisk, Cud, Nursery, Invade, Fishing, Due, Loaf, Dim DOWN Jabber, Plight, Arnica, Vale, Enquiry, Tag, Swan, Spite, Voodoo, Roma, Deleted, Luge, Fox

Devised and compiled by Derek Wine. SCRABBLE ® is a registered trademark of JW Spear & Sons Ltd, Maidenhead SL6 4UB, England, under licence from Mattel Europa BV, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc., ©Mattel 2006.

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